Recruitment 2019

Editor, Business Manager and Website Manager applications have now closed for 2019.

Editors 2019

Applications to join the editorial team close in March each year. AULR applicants are required to provide a covering letter, CV, academic transcript, and complete the Application Exercise. An invitation to join the Law Review will be made after an assessment of the applicant's academic credentials and the quality of his or her legal writing and editing.

The AULR offers training programmes covering the basic principles of legal research, writing, editing, style, grammar and punctuation. Citations Editors are responsible for checking the accuracy and veracity of footnotes. Style Editors assist authors with stylistic and argumentative clarity. Managing Editors oversee their team and assist in solving more unusual editing concerns.

As well as being great for a student's CV, perks of the job include opportunities for paid legal research and editing work (we already have requests flowing in from other academic publications and authors), closer ties with the Legal Research Foundation and regular social functions. The less tangible benefits that accrue from Law Review membership include an understanding of the editorial process, solid legal research skills, and an ability to write cogently and succinctly. In the long run these attributes are likely to be the most useful. No one serious about succeeding in his or her legal career should miss the opportunity to join the Auckland University Law Review.