Recruitment 2019

Editor, Business Manager and Website Manager applications are now open and close Sunday, 31 March 2019.

Please send any questions to

Editors 2019

To apply to be an editor, please complete the application materials available here and email them to the Editors-in-Chief ). Please read the instructions on the Application Form carefully.

The AULR offers training programmes covering the basic principles of legal research, writing, editing, style, grammar and punctuation. Sub-editors will be responsible for checking the accuracy and veracity of footnotes. Senior editors will assist authors with stylistic and argumentative clarity. Managing editors will oversee their team and assist in solving more unusual editing concerns.

Editing for the Review is a great addition to your CV and many of our alumni are leaders in the legal profession today. Furthermore, the Review is well received internationally, particularly in the United States. There are also opportunities for paid editing work for the New Zealand Law Review. Other benefits include networking opportunities with our alumni, and free legal research and writing training.

Join the editorial team now.

Business Managers and Website Manager 2019

Students with practical business or website experience are encouraged to apply as Business Managers. or Website Manager If you are interested in this position, send us an email with the details requested on the document here.