AULR Prize for Legal Writing

The Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Prize for Legal Writing (formerly the AULR Prize for Legal Writing) is awarded annually to the student who submits the best piece of legal writing to the AULR. The AULR would like to thank Minter Ellison Rudd Watts for sponsoring the AULR Prize for Legal Writing. Past winners are:

2018 Alex Johnston

2017 Cherry Ngan

2016 Bridget McLay


2014 Rachael Baillie

2013 Jack Oliver-Hood

2012 Rina See

2011 Sarah Murphy

2010 Hamish McQueen and Ogy Kabzamalov (joint)

2009 Sam Clearwater

2008 James Donovan

2007 Marika Eastwick-Field

2006 Paul Paterson

2005 Jesse Wilson

2004 David Dobbie

2003 Michael Selkirk

2002 Rebecca Jonassen

2001 Richard Hart

2000 Michael Hodge

1999 Christine E. Sheehy

1998 Jason Harkess

1997 Stephanie Corban and Charles Spillane

1996 Denys Court

1995 Alan Turner and Andrew Commons

1994 Mina Wharepouri and Jessica Yelas (Symposium Prize)

1993 Shane Tulloch and Justin Orsborn

1992 Shane Tulloch and Julian Long

1991Tristan Gilbertson and Neil Campbell

1990 R. Bruce McClintock

1989 Ronald Pol and Chris Ohms

1988 John Fisher

1987 Rick Bigwood

1986 Sally A. Garrett and Mark J. Gavin

1985 Joseph Windmeyer and John Tamihere

1984 Helen M. Dervan

1983 Rodney H. Newman

1982 Barbara Rea

1981 Suzanne Clark

1980 Betty Carter

1979 D.G. Poole

1978 H.A. Versteeg and D.A. Free

1977 J.K. MacRae

1976 G.B. Robertson

1975 Michael Crew and W.D. Mapp

1974 H. Dawson and J.M. Bowen

1973 B.R. Hancock

1972 R.K. Griffin

1971 Noel Ingram